Whose Is It Anyway?


Students are introduced to proper ways to cite people’s words and ideas from the Internet, including how to write a citation.   (Free account sign-up required with Common Sense Media)

Learning Objectives  

  • Students will be able to … define plagiarism and describe its consequences.
  • Explain how giving credit is a sign of respect for people’s work.
  • Articulate when it is acceptable to use people’s work, and how to write a citation.

Grade:  Cycle 2

Time: 45 min.

Materials and Preparation  

  • Review the Time for Kids article, “One Small Step, One Great Leap for  Man” (www.timeforkids.com/news/one-small-step-one-great-man/44396). Prepare to point out information on the webpage that students would need in order to create a citation for the article (Teach 2).
  • Copy the Okay or No Way! Student Handout, one for each student.


Steps to creating citations – Common Sense Media – https://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/lesson/whose-it-anyway-4-5

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