Digital Citizenship @ WQSB


Welcome to this collection of resources for teachers and by teachers


The collection of resources and links on this site are based on the work of the fabulous team listed below.  Over two year, they explored and vetted resources and presented what they felt would best meet the needs of WQSB.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Diner (

Special Thanks to the following people who made this project and collection of resources possible;

  • Dan Curley (D’Arcy McGee High School)
  • Jennifer Davies (Board Librarian)
  • Mireille Desjardin (Lord Aylmer)
  • Lisa Diner (RECIT)
  • Christine Gevry (South Hull)
  • Jamie Kallilo (Queen Elizabeth School)
  • Jordan Kent (Pontiac High School)
  • Nadine Malloy (Symmes Jr. High)
  • Paul McAneney (D’Arcy McGee High School)
  • Sunglee Randall (Board Librarian)
  • Heather Riosa (PETES)
  • Pat Rowat (Board Librarian)
  • Jessica Simon (Lord Aylmer)
  • Helen Vamvakas (Wakefield School)