How Can Websites Foster Community Online?

Description: Students examine websites that foster positive community. They explore the factors that increase community engagement on the Internet, such as social media messaging and sharing photos, videos, information, or opinions. They then apply what they have learned about building online community by designing their own websites that foster community.

Grade:  Secondary Cycle 2

Time:  60 min

Materials: Large sheets of drawing paper or butcher paper, several for each group of four or five students, and colored markers

  • Copy the Design a Community Website Student Handout, one for each student.
  • Browse the following websites listed in the chart in Teach 1, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter,
  • Flickr, YouTube, Goodreads, Wikipedia, and Digg. Students will be asked to describe how some of these sites help build community. (Note: Make arrangements to get access to sites that might be blocked by the school filter.)
  • Be prepared to project or recreate the Sites That Build Community – Blank Version.

Type: PDF

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