Follow the Digital Trail: What Information is OK to Have In Your Digital Footprint?

Description: Students learn that the information they put online leaves a digital footprint or “trail.” This trail can be big or small, helpful or hurtful, depending on how they manage it. Students follow the digital information trails of two fictional animals. They make observations about the size and content of each trail, and connect these observations by thinking critically about what kinds of information they want to leave behind.

Grade: Kindergarten – Cycle 1

Time: 45 min


  • Preview the video “Follow the Digital Trail,” and prepare to show it to students.
  • Cut apart the Digital Trail Squares (found at the end of the lesson plan), keeping the elephant and mouse squares separate. Be prepared to lay out each animal’s “tracks” in different locations in the classroom after the lesson introduction.
  • Copy the Animal Tracks Student Handout, one for each group of four.

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