Lesson 3: Safety Rules for the internet

Description / Objective: Students will learn how to keep safe from strangers they meet on the internet.


Inform the students that the internet is a place that can be visited by anyone from anywhere around the world. Sometimes people may pretend to be someone they are not. They may pretend to be a girl when they are a boy, they may pretend to be the same age as you, they may even pretend to be your friend, they may even post or send a picture of themselves when in reality the picture is of someone else.  This is possible because you cannot physically see who you are communicating with.   It is important to stay safe when travelling the internet, just as how you stay safe in the real world.

Activity:  Ask the class to brainstorm rules that they follow when they are either walking through their neighborhood, travelling to a new place, or simply out on a class excursion.

Write these rules on the board. Tell the class that they will be watching a video called My Online Neighborhood. Ask the class to pay attention to what the boy in the video does to stay safe.

Show the following clip.

Watch My Online Neighborhood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUO7t92k4Xg

 Discussion: Ask the class what similarities/connections they can make between how the boy stays safe on the internet and how one stays safe in the real world. The rules are the same.

  1. Ask a parent or trusted adult for permission before you go anywhere,
  2. Only talk to people you know,
  3. Visit places that are safe for you. Closure: Develop a class poster or individual posters on how to keep safe when travelling through the internet. Extension: Show audio book Adventures in the internet
  4. Be Internet Awesome – About

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