A Creator’s Rights and Responsibilities


It’s common for kids to use images they find online, for school projects or just for fun. But kids don’t often understand which images are OK to use and which ones aren’t. Help your students learn about the rights and responsibilities they have when it comes to the images they create and use

Learning Objectives  

  • Define “copyright” and explain how it applies to creative work.
  • Describe their rights and responsibilities as creators.
  • Apply copyright principles to real-life scenarios.

Grade:  Cycle 2

Time: 45 min.

Materials and Preparation  

  • Review the Time for Kids article, “One Small Step, One Great Leap for  Man” (www.timeforkids.com/news/one-small-step-one-great-man/44396). Prepare to point out information on the webpage that students would need in order to create a citation for the article (Teach 2).
  • Copy the Okay or No Way! Student Handout, one for each student.


Steps to creating citations – Common Sense Media 

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