I Used My Own Words! Paraphrasing Informational Texts


  • Students will learn to use paraphrasing to monitor their comprehension and acquire new information.
  • Website includes on-line links to the San Diego Zoo.

Grade:  Cycle 3

Time: Four 30 minute lessons

Student Objectives:  Students will;

  • Demonstrate comprehension by paraphrasing facts from informational texts
  • Gain knowledge and apply what they have learned about paraphrasing by reading information about three unusual animals
  • Materials and Technology:
  • Computers with Internet access
  • Whiteboard (or overhead) for projection of text and shared writing
  • Print or digital texts on instructional levels of students in the class
  • Individual copies of texts (if computers are not available)



Intro lesson Plan – http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/lesson-plans/used-words-paraphrasing-informational-1177.html?tab=3#tabs

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