Copyright and Fair Use

Description:  Intro video – 3 minutes long on copyright law and the four points of fair use of material on the internet – how to give credit creative property

Grade:  Cycle 2

Activities for Introducing Copyright


  • Three activities that create an awareness of copyright and respect for intellectual property.


  • Identify the creative talents involved in producing books and other copyrighted materials.
  • Introduce the copyright symbol and explain its significance.
  • Raise awareness of the copyright symbol across a range of creative works.
  • Reinforce the distinction between illegal copying outside the classroom and the limited copying of sources allowed in school work.
  • Explain plagiarism and the basic rule for avoiding plagiarism by crediting sources.


  • Activity One:  One class period plus follow-up discussion of homework activity.
  • Activity Two: One class period.
  • Activity Three: Two class periods, for preparation and student online research.


Activity One:  Illustrated textbooks for

  • analysis and discussion.
  • Student copies of the reproducible worksheet.

Activity Two: 

  • Student copies of the reproducible worksheet.

Activity Three: 

  • Student copies of reproducible activity sheet.
  • Student computers with Internet access; at least one computer per student group located in the classroom or school computer center.


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